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COR Mission Statement


We are an analytics company demonstrating the openness of the new economy and technology based on the blockchain.


We are a research laboratory employing the entire range of available knowledge and resources in our scientific inquiry.


We are a team of like-minded individuals united by the common goal of making information open and accessible for all.


In our research, we focus on the following values:


- Objectivity. Chain Open Research utilizes only reliably-sourced information. Today, one of the most promising technologies that meet the requirements of the restrictions of data modification is blockchain. We are basing our research on the initial primary information obtained from the functioning blockchains. As a result, the processed and analyzed data cannot be altered or corrupted in any way, manner or fashion.


- Transparency. The data produced as a result of our research is meticulously tracked and continuously audited. Each byte analyzed by COR is generated on the blockchain, encoded and transferred through cryptographic hashes or received through the APIs of cryptocurrency exchanges. Upon completion of the analysis, the comprehensive reports are generated and displayed for public viewing.


- Basic economic indicators. We use standard metrics in the new economic and technological reality taking a clear-cut approach to the fundamentals of data analysis.


- Openness. We are aware of our economic and social responsibility and proceed with the premise that information (data) is inherently not subject to restrictions in use. That is why COR is open to the community at large, commercial and non-profit institutions, educational organizations, charitable foundations, and other for-profit and non-profit entities.


- Structured information. COR is the source of data required by researchers to increase their stock of knowledge. The extensive amount of fundamental data provided by COR on a regular basis should be used not only as an instrument of creating indicators for the finance/investment industries but as actual mathematical values for scientific research and both specialized and popular publications.


Chain Open Research - First Data Bank